Pitfall Pusca

Pusca is an ancient Shaman from El Dorado. He is the main antagonist of Pitfall: The Lost Expedition.

History Edit

Pusca was the High Priest of El Dorado. The king, however, had a plan to place special artifacts into temples to collect energy, so they could be used to send El Dorado back in time. They would take time to charge, so he sent his daughter Micay to the future to oversee their return, with the aid of a prophecized outsider.

He advised the King to surrender to the Spanish invaders, advising him that his plan to save El Dorado wouldn't work. He was banished by the King when it was revealed he was going to betray his people to the Spanish. He spent the next 500 years waiting for a prophesized outsider to collect the artifacts the Artefacts placed in the temples to charge, so he could return to the past. He survived by draining the life force of others.

A man eventually came along called Kevin McCallister, Initially believing him to be the man from the prophecy. When he realised McCallister was not the man he was waiting for, he drained McCallister's life force.

Pitfall: The Lost Expedition Edit

Several years later, a man named St. Claire arrived searching for El Dorado. Believing once again he might be the man he was looking for, he aligned himself with him. They worked together to try and retrieve the artifacts but were beaten by another man, Pitfall Harry.

Pusca eventually makes contact with Nicole McCallister, the daughter of Kevin McCallister. He persuades her to work with him in order to get back to El Dorado, by pretending to want to get away from St. Claire and promising to help her rescue her father.

They eventually captured Harry and claimed the artifacts from him. Pusca killed St. Claire for refusing to give him the artifacts. However Harry having escaped reclaimed the artifacts and heads to the entrance of El Dorado. Pusca follows them, and Nicole gives him the artifacts claiming that Pusca will help her find her father, before he kills her. Pusca travels back in time, Harry, Micay and a curse Jaguar follow him. Pusca captures Micay and sets his demonic Jaguar on Harry. However Micay casts a spell which allows Harry to combat the Jaguar. The Jaguar gets the upper hand but is suddenly attacked by Quickclaw, Pusca then fights Harry but is defeated by the adventurer, ending his plans once and for all.